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Discussion on: I'm a Git Master, Ask Me Anything

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Mike Gasparelli

I recently undertook this at our company. Admittedly, there's only 2 of us, which simplified things.

I would suggest that the basics of git are very easy to grasp. It's not hard to transition from another VCS if all you currently do is basic push/pull and the occasional branch/merge. IDE integrations make it so that you never have to touch the command-line (for the first little while anyway)

The combination of having a personal copy of the repo, and inexpensive branching really make git a joy to work with and enable stress-free experimentation.

Also, git is a first-class citizen in TFS/VS (maybe even more than TFSVC at this point) so there are no concerns there.

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Dave van Herten • Edited

Thanks for the response!

I definitely agree about TFS and git becoming a first class citizen for MS now. Part of my reasoning is that it seems like MS is moving away from TFSVC so it may be inevitable that we'll need to do the switch.

I long for the local commits and easy branching. I use git for everything I do at home/github so it'll be less of a jump for me. I'm just not always great at making a case for these kinds of things at work.