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Discussion on: The past ten years, or, how to get better at anything

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Michael Lee πŸ•

And, if my own experience and some scattered stories hold true, one of the people to who’ll come along later, looking for that same solution, will be you.

This has happened to me so many times. And current me is thankful that past me took the time to write about it.

I've also been mad at past me because there were times where I've gotten lazy and didn't write down a solution to a problem that I solved. I go searching and realizing I've solved this before but now have to do the work of rejogging my memory, from memory.

Thanks for writing this Victoria! Super happy to read about the positive achievements you've had and looking forward to what you'll achieve as you embark on new things in the new year.

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Victoria Drake Author

Hopefully current you is translating the lessons of past you into helpful actions for future you! (Wow, there’s a lot of you in there.)

Thank (all of) you Michael! 😁

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Oh yeah, I get annoyed at myself when I have spent two hours trying to solve a problem and then realise I had solved it before, but can't remember how I did it.