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Discussion on: Create YOUR next static blog in Vuepress and Vue

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Michael Brooks

I actually did this myself last week because I had errors on my WordPress blog caused by a theme update. I tried restoring to a previous version, but nothing fixed it so I got fed up and went with VuePress.

It's really good, my blog is picking up the latest 20 posts, but I still have a lot to do in order to improve it like pagination and some meta-information.

I'm hosting it with Netlify which is incredible and using NetlifyCMS in order to add/edit new articles and it's working so well.

Speed has also been so much better, my WP site was rated in the 20s which is poor, but now my blog is around 66 on mobile and 98 on desktop, still room for improvement though.

Check it out here

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Chris Noring Author

That sounds really great Michael. Thanks for sharing your story :)