Discussion on: But the World is Mutable

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Michael Melanson

Besides, the world is not mutable. We can't change the here and now. We can only act on it now to change the future.

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Eric Normand Author

Sure but that's just a way to express the same problem: if you act now to change the future, you lose a record of the now you used to have.

We work really hard to preserve physical stuff: records, photos, certificates, manuscripts, paintings, physical artifacts. They decay over time if we don't take care of them. Why make our information systems simulate this part of the world? We should help them preserve things, too.

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Ben Halpern

When you look at a waterfall, what is the waterfall? Is it the water you're seeing now (which is hundreds of meters away before you blink)

I'm not sure what I'm getting at but I think the general metaphor applies somehow 😂