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Discussion on: Who Killed The Tab?

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Phippsy • Edited

A haiku

I prefer spaces.
When I use arrow keys, the
cursor doesn't jump.
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For me it comes down to how the cursor behaves as I am moving around my code.

When indents are spaced, if I am in the empty indent area I know where I will be when I press the down or up arrow. The cursor moves in a straight line. I know where it is. I know where it will be.

When indents are tabbed, if I move into the empty indent area, my cursor will be relocated to the tab stop. My cursor does not move in a straight line. Additionally I can't guarantee when I move up or down the cursor will be at the tab stop position. This causes me to overshoot. This annoys me.

I also wish that the cursor didn't snap to the end of shorter lines. That annoys me too.