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After doing a coding bootcamp I hadn't landed a job. So I went to a Meteor meetup (the framework we learned), and at the end of the meetup they asked us if we wanted to present some of the fun things we were doing with Meteor.

I presented an app to determine if you were in the Ballmer's Peak! At the end of the meetup, the host asked if I had a job, I said "no." They asked if I wanted a job, I said "yes." Then I was told I started next Monday.

I was very fortunate for that opportunity, I know it's rare. But I firmly believe putting yourself out there at events and meetups (where there may be companies looking to hire) is a really good way of getting your foot in the door.


That's awesome. I'm much too shy and scared of meetups. Something I should probably work on lol.


I am too scared of them too! haha I should definitely put that away and try my best at networking


Awesome insight, Michael! I'm inspired by this.

So many opportunities lying out there can be opened just by saying "hi, I built this, let me show". Getting rid of the fear to speak in public is brutally important.

Keep it up!

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