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Discussion on: Feeling a little discouraged

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Michael Tharrington

I definitely understand being discouraged, but I do think that you've made a wise decision getting into tech! I believe most industries have been negatively affected by the pandemic, but the tech industry is in so much better shape to deal with these blows.

That said, what you're feeling is very real and totally relatable! As a new dev, you do have to compete with other potentially more experienced devs who are also looking for work and that's tough. But, you can use your newness as an asset! You are still learning and haven't gotten stuck in any old ways. Also, you're here on DEV, actively trying to further your skills and openly talking about that challenge. All in all, it really sounds like you're doing the right things!

I hope you stick with it and if you're feeling down that you speak out like you've done here! This is a great community of folks and we're here for ya.