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Feeling a little discouraged

Today I’m feeling a little discouraged because it seems like choosing around this time to get into tech wasn’t a wise decision . With the massive layoffs and recession , it seems like there are far fewer jobs available. Also for the ones that are , there’s a large pool of experienced developers that are available. Finally , with everything being remote , seems much less likely that a company hires someone who they would need to train . I’m not giving up , wanted to get this off my chest .

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Nick Taylor

Hey Corey,

Keep your head up my man. It might seem bleak, but things will get swinging again.

In regards to what we wanted to do with open source, there's a pretty decent list of suggestions for C# open source projects now in this post.

DM me this weekend and let's try and hit a Zoom call again to get you on the open source contribution train. ☮️

Kungfu Panda training

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Dominik Ilnicki

Recently I’ve shipped project that may help find issues for newcomers. Maybe it will be useful for you.

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Thank you brudda

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Ben Halpern

Let's all try to remember how things can change and then change again.

The wheels are starting to turn and the cycle will swing back up I promise. And in the meantime, everything you learn will be valuable. Keep trying new things and eventually good things will happen.

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This Dot Media

Hey! It's great that you felt comfortable enough to share this. It's not good to bottle things up. But don't give up 🙏 If tech is where you truly want to be, there will always be a way. Stay positive and work hard. You got this 👊

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Gracie Gregory (she/her) • Edited on

Hi there! I just wanted to reach out and let you know that I totally hear you. With layoffs and furloughs and uncertainty, it would be hard not to be worried as a new engineer entering the job market. Or any professional for that matter!

With that being said, I actually think this is a really, really incredible time to be entering tech. First off, more and more companies are seeing the value out of remote work. This started out of immediate pandemic necessity but employers are quickly realizing that it's often a better model, period. They must adapt to figure out how to train new/junior employees remotely. Second (and I'm no economist) what goes down must come up and the job market will thrive again eventually. Third and most importantly, I think the world is in the midst of exposing and grappling with some major inequities and social/global challenges that NEED to be solved. Tech will be a major tool to help us heal in many ways — and you're trained to build those tools.

I'm not an engineer, but I have worked closely with engineers throughout my career so I'm privy to some of the joys and challenges of your job. Things are tough right now but they will get better. Keep tinkering, learning, and sharing your thoughts here. We need software engineers that want to "contribute to humanity through technology" as your bio says!!

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Dude! Don't feel down, working as a developer breaks a lot of barriers! You don't need to have a job near you nowadays. As you've said you can work remotely.

If you need some tips, or just want some jobs, maybe we can get in touch! I receive a lot of small works (web development) but I don't have the time if you'd like to learn web development just let me know!

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I’m in the same boat. 😭 it’s so damn frustrating.

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Ben Sinclair

Your point about training people up remotely is a good one. I hadn't even really considered that, but it's going to be a problem in some industries.

Never underestimate what you can do by cam though!

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Michael Tharrington (he/him)

I definitely understand being discouraged, but I do think that you've made a wise decision getting into tech! I believe most industries have been negatively affected by the pandemic, but the tech industry is in so much better shape to deal with these blows.

That said, what you're feeling is very real and totally relatable! As a new dev, you do have to compete with other potentially more experienced devs who are also looking for work and that's tough. But, you can use your newness as an asset! You are still learning and haven't gotten stuck in any old ways. Also, you're here on DEV, actively trying to further your skills and openly talking about that challenge. All in all, it really sounds like you're doing the right things!

I hope you stick with it and if you're feeling down that you speak out like you've done here! This is a great community of folks and we're here for ya.

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Mike Talbot ⭐

It's a very worrying time. I can imagine that "what-ifs" are rolling around your brain like a fairground ride.

A lot of great points have already been made - I'd just add this. Technology can bounce back quicker than most other things, there is a lack of jobs everywhere, this sector is more likely to get back going quicker.

You have great "agency" in technology, you are not reliant on anything but a computer to be able to refine and hone your skills. A lack of jobs does not mean a lack of a chance to practice your new skills or to improve them. A lot of other sectors require you to have an employer to really do the job - not so in your new chosen profession.

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Karan Gandhi

As someone who has taken lot of unwise decisions, things usually fall in place later. No need to feel discouraged.

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Kane Ong • Edited on

Everyone starts at the bottom. I hope this fact motivates you.

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There will always be a better developer you just have to keep pushing to do your best even at the most difficult of times , allow the process and things will just find you.

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