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Max Cannon === coding since 1994, non-arrogant, sexy/smart man, fab sense of humor, loyal friend, proud President Trump Loyalist, Fox News Enthusiast, lover of the current economy and state of Veu.js ecosystem, ignorer of illogical & emotionally argumentative people...Love to support and befriend other developers of all bends (even liberal, delusional Trump haterz)...So...who wants to be my new best friend?...Anyone?...crickets...umm...anyone at all?...crickets...Max slowly backs up towards the door, reaching with trepidation for the doorknob as dramatic cinema music begins to crescendo in the background...


LAMP & JavaScript (VUE.js ecosystem or VENOM stack) Web Developer, Software Engineer, Linux SysAdmin & Marketing Expert:

Orlando, FL


I also secretly think Sir Mixalot is a poet with his slick wit and phraseology in his tune "Baby's Got Back"...There...I fell better for having unburdened myself...

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