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Object Oriented Programming : for self taught developers.

Midas/XIV on January 11, 2020

Hey guys so I've been reading about design patterns and I had a lot of difficultly picking it up. I later realized it might be because my primary ... [Read Full]
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Check out this old article I wrote about object oriented thinking way back in 2005. I guess it's still relevant and would help newcomers.


Thanks Manoj, I was looking for good resources to learn about UML, this article has the important 5 concepts I was looking for.

  • Encapsulation
  • Abstraction and Generalization.
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism

Thx for the good words. Am happy you found it useful.


if you want to learn OOP stay away from classes..classes are just a mechanism to create objects. Focus on objects and their interactions first...then think about classes later on. Design pattern is too much about classes..A good book for OOP is OOP roles, responsibility design by Rebecca which focus on objects and their roles, then design pattern for flow control...after that you can pick up DCI to rethink about the use of classes (less important).
happy OOP, always !!!


Would also like to get the corresponding pseudo code of the 6 points below, say in c# that will help to relate it more precisely.
Start the control program.
Instantiate the collection of students in the classroom.
Tell the collection to have the students go to their next class.
The collection tells each student to go to their next class.
Each student:
Finds where his next class is
Determines how to get there
Goes there


Will do later today. (it's a rainy morning in the UAE 😁).


Some dude created a TypeScript Design Patterns course a long time ago. Includes the code and YouTube Videos explaining it.


His videos are excellent. The code snippets are great too. Thanks for sharing :D


It would be nice to see in the form or code what you mentioned above in the article.
I enjoyed reading it. Thank you and All the best.

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