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VTX - vite monorepo manager

Olรก ๐Ÿ‘‹, i'm very happy to introduce VTX, an wrapper on vite-cli tool to help on management of multi-apps, libs and packages for vuejs. Feel free to contribute also.


  • Create a workspace to share libs or custom packages thru your apps.
  • Yarn workspaces only.
  • Create apps and serve on your localhost
  • Create libs to your apps or produce standalone dist to publish
  • Build on top of vitejs
  • Use all options from vitejs and a single configuration for your apps


You should install as a global package for use it as cli tool. Just hit:

yarn global add @websublime/vtx-cli
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After, vtx binary will be available to use it.

First steps

Start to create your workspace. Workspace is managed and design to use yarn as your dependency package manager. So for now is the only supported manager.

Create your workspace as:

vtx create-workspace
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Nothing will be installed only created the initial directory structure to add apps and libs.

Ok, now just enter on your new workspace directory and create your first application. All applications and libs are created for typescript support. Let's initiate our first app:

vtx create-app
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Cli will always put you questions to you refer what is name, directory our namespace.

Now on top of your root workspace perform an install:

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Ok, you are now ready to run your first application as:

vtx dev
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This are the initial steps to initiate multi-apps. You can perform lot of customisations, create libs, consume libs on your apps or share common code thru apps. For more info hit github link.

More like:

vtx create-lib
vtx dev --app todos --debug
vtx build --lib services -mode production
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Feel free to contribute!


Github link:


  • Create workspace
  • Create app
  • Create lib
  • Build app
  • Build lib
  • Optimize and preview (to come)

Happy coding! ๐ŸŽ‰

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