re: Who else misses DEV's old Unicorn n Heart icons? VIEW POST

re: I miss the retro feel of the old unicorn! The pulse animation is cool. But otherwise it’s so black and white. Previously just looking at the unicor...

What does the unicorn actually mean?
(I'm aware of "unicorn full stack devs", but not sure if that's supposed to relate to the button)


There's been lots of discussion about the unicorn over the years. Here's Ben commenting on another Devs post with his thoughts on the unicorn but it seems like it's up to your own interpretation

Unicorns typically represent an especially positive connotation in our industry. Unicorn devs, unicorn companies, it’s the things that are wonderful.

Emoji reactions are always a bit abstract and I made no effort to dictate the purposes.

One thing to note: I’d like to have a longer list of reaction types you can choose from like in Slack, just haven’t gotten around to building that out, or even describing it to others.

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