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Discussion on: Yes, ColdFusion is "Unpopular". No, I don't care.

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Michael Born Author

You don't like learning a framework because it's like learning a new language - and so you actually learned an entirely new language?
Maybe Twilio is a bad example for your purposes, but it illustrates mine perfectly. No I don't believe it needs Coldbox, but it would need Wirebox, a standalone DI framework.

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Yes, as I stated, I don't have a choice but to learn something new because there are zero jobs or contracts here for CF. No point in figuring out coldbox if it's not going to get me anywhere. How does 1 or 2 OS projects for Twilio illustrate that CF is thriving? And now I have to introduce wirebox. CF was meant to be RAD, and to me, it's no longer that. Going with Eclipse for the IDE was a huge mistake IMO. They should have learned from ColdFusion Studio, or Android Studio and partnered with JetBrains. At least take time to make some a great plugin for VSCode.
Anyway, people like what they like. If you can make money doing CF, then do it. Just learn a something else as well.

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