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Discussion on: Struggling to learn the fundamentals

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Milan Radojević

I think we're the same when it comes to learning new things. In the sense that very often the beginning material bores me pretty quickly, especially since there is a lot of beginner programming concepts mixed in which I already understand.

What I found to work for me is to choose a project and build it, if I don't understand how to do something I first look up the documentation, then if I need more I look up the tutorials.

But each time I look up only enough to push that project forward. This isn't an approach that works for everyone but it does for me. And it has some benefits, like:

  • getting practical experience with something (because you're building stuff)
  • improving your understanding of how a language/framework functions (because you're reading the docs first)

Also I think that when it comes to understanding something, it's not a black n' white thing, like you either get it or not, but more of a spectrum, you understand certain parts and others not/are learning.

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