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Anastasia on September 29, 2019

I am wondering how some people are against about a checklist of what a pull request should have before it can be merged / what a reviewer should be... [Read Full]
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I find pull request templates very useful. We use them a lot. The default is located in our root repo directory and filled with default values. The rest of the information is left to the developers to fill when they make a pull request. But we still have a number of developers that do not enter any info in pull request template. They just leave it with the defaults. My question is: is it possible somehow to force the developer to fill in the info in pull request so that it does not contain only default values. Maybe to reject creating a pull request in case pull request template does not contain required information?


Awesome, thanks for sharing! But wouldn't you mind embedding a GitHub gist or something like that instead of the screenshot? 👍


If you are using github, you can automate a lot of such things. Check out help.github.com/en/articles/enabli...

Hope that help


Thanks, we already use it.
But this template provides a little bit other things.

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