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Amara Graham
Amara Graham

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Hi (again), I'm Amara Graham

Rather than deleting the previous post, I figured I would just re-introduce myself, particularly after the whole name change deal.

My previous post says I've been coding for 8 years. I'm not sure when I started counting and if that needs to be incremented. So let's call it 8++.

You can find me on Twitter as @MissAmaraKay

I live in the Austin, TX.

I work for IBM.

I mostly program in these languages: JavaScript, Node.js, and C# (Unity3d).

I am currently a developer advocate focusing on AI, Watson, and AR/VR. I've been dabbling in game dev to help the games industry understand where to use AI and how.

Nice to meet you.

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Jesse M. Holmes

Nice to meet you, and congrats on your name change! I guess we owe you two welcomes!

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Amara Graham

Thanks! Excited to actually be present on here.

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Ben Halpern

Welcome again!