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Discussion on: Svelte, why so much hype ?

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Matt Derocher

Frameworks like React has many features to solve many different problems. When you load a framework, you'll likely get code to solve problems that you don't even have in the current page of the application. Route-based tree shaking and code splitting can help remove this unused code, but even still, there's part of the core of the framework that can't be split up. I believe Next.js is constantly working to fix this problem by seeing if they can ship less of React with each route. Svelte is different. It doesn't try to remove unused code that already exists, it just never outputs that code in the first place.

Sloan, the sloth mascot
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Charles F. Munat

In other words, you haven't actually looked at Svelte, understood how it works, or built anything in it, but already you know that it's hype. I guess you saved yourself some trouble there.

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