Things You Should Do to Prevent Computer Eye Strain, Personal Health Is Just As Important As Deadlines

Mohammadjavad Raadi on April 05, 2019

Think about it — when was the last time you gave the health of your eyes any thought? I’ll confess I never thought, someday eye pain could have an ... [Read Full]
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In addition, I'd recommend installing Flux on your computers and enabling Night Shift on your iPhones and iPads to adjust your display color based on time of day to reduce eye strain and amount of blue light exposure close to bedtime. Note that those should be temporarily disabled if doing any color-sensitive work :)


That's right. macOS Sierra (and above) and Windows 10 both have native support for this feature. It's just the matter of enabling it and setting it up. For Linux, I use redshift and I highly recommend it.
Thanks for your input


Flux is really helpful in avoiding blue light entering your eyes. I have been using it for over 6 months now. And my eyes are less strained compared to earlier on a daily basis.


On my side i use heavy blue blocking glasses, and tearlike eyedrops.

Spending way too much time in fron of a screen in this profession is the norm, so we should help our eyes with whatever resource we have.


You're right, nothing is more important than our personal well being. Thanks


Good tips - very similar to what my eye doctor has recommended to me in the past! I would also suggest lubricating eye drops (not with anti-redness or antihistamine, just the natural tears type) for those who have really dry eyes. A few drops at the beginning of the day can make a big difference.


Thanks, yes sometimes I use artificial tear drops when my eyes get really dry.


Short version:
Do the 20-20-20 rule before you buy fancy screen protectors and glasses.

Long version:
This is not specifically related to computers. Your eyes are made up tons of different little muscles. Different muscles are used to adjust the eyes to focus on things of different distances. (Regardless of your sightness, the muscles are still being used)
Just like holding a squat for a long time, your eye muscles will tire if they're holding for too long, this is why you get blurry eyes --it's the muscle getting fatigue. No type of lens will help against muscle fatigue, and there's a good chance that your blurriness is from this fatigue and not blue light.

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