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Dev-Connections open source project

mkhy19 profile image Mohamed Khaled Yousef twitter logo github logo ・1 min read

Because I became addicted to Dev Community, I created this simple project for all developers especially beginners in open source community who want to contribute to #hacktoberfest . Dev-Connections will help us to make connections, follow each other on github, linkedin and twitter to be communicate.
I hope all of you to contribute :)


This is simple dev profile to help all of us to be communicate, So the key element of Dev-Connections is making connections.

How to contribute to this project

  • Fork this repository (Fork button)

  • Make your changes:

    Add your name, github, linkedin and etc to the file

      ## Name: Your Name
      * Place: Country
      * Job: Your Job Title
      * GitHub: [Github Name](Github Link)
      * LinkedIn: [LinkedIn Name](LinkedIn Link)
      * Twitter: [Handle Name](Twitter Link)
      * Portfolio: [Portfolio Name](Portfolio Link)
  • Commit and push
  • git add.
  • git commit -m 'First Commit'
  • git push origin branch-name
  • Create a new pull request from your forked repository
  • Wait for merge approval

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Cool idea and I agree it's a great way for beginners to get involved!

I added my info to help get the ball rolling. ✊

(I'm not sure h1s/h2s are the most readable format to use once there's a bunch of people in the list. Maybe consider breaking it up as headers and then unordered lists nested inside them? Just a thought.)


You are right, I updated it. Thank you Jerod for your contribution and feedback.

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