What are your favorite DEV blogs and bloggers teaching coding concepts?

mlimonczenko profile image Miranda ・1 min read

I'm compiling an extensive list of free coding resources.

I would love to know your favorite self-hosted blogs or bloggers that are instructional and valuable.

I'm sure to miss some awesome people without your help. πŸ™


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Josh’s site is insane 🀯 There are so many tiny details there, I can’t imagine how much time does it take. It is definitely a blog that is worth checking out!


I am speechless. It's incredible this blog exists. Just, wow! 🀩 ✨


Andrew Healey - mostly on Python/Javascript/Go

Is it okay to mention my own resource? I have plenty of tutorials/books on GitHub. Topics are primarily around Linux command line tools and Regular Expressions. I have a blog too, but not many posts yet.


Addi Osmani and Paul Irish were the first dev bloggers who truly resonated with me.


probably get most of my attention (I do a lot with React and especially React Native these days).

And ever since reading You Don't Know JS, when Kyle Simpson speaks, I listen (it feels so weird linking to Kyle on David Walsh's blog).


I love Lydia Hallie's blogs. Her posts are top-notch, I love the illustrations she uses in her posts.


I just discovered her work thanks to your comment, her articles are truly amazing 😍.


So good! And you're so right. JavaScript Visualized: Promises & Async/Await is mind-blowingly good. 🀯


I might copy her stylishly someday πŸ˜‹ Seriously, her blogposts and TheNetNinja's YouTube playlist are my favorite!


The DevDojo website created by Tony Lea has some great content.


Overreacted.io, hashnode, css-tricks