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What is your experience with interviews under pressure?

Manuel Mariñez on July 27, 2018

And by under pressure I mean, getting to know you are having an interview the same day you send your Resume.

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That never happened to me but I had, a few years ago, 5 whiteboard interviews in the same day. Never felt so much pressure. Spent weeks studying for that, I remember that the night before I had the hotel room covered with prints about algorithms, complexity, data structures and networking solutions. Never got the job, never want to go through that again 🤣


When I posted this here, I was literally in moment of panic because I friend call me saying that he needed my resume to recommend me to a company as QA Automation Engineer, and since Ive been looking for a job that involves my coding skills and recently Ive been interest in a DevOps carrer, I though it was a good start. What I didnt expect was a call from someone in that company saying that they wanted me to go to the interview that same afternoon after work. It went well ... I hope 🤣, but there will be a second part of thwe interview this next tuesday. I`ll probably post about this experience later on. Thanks all ( :D and Halpern ) for sharing thoughs


Test Engie to devops doesn't seem like it would be a smooth transition unless you get in with a big company that allows for easy movement between roles.

Working in tech is great for getting a feel for the culture, but I don't really see transferable hard skills between, say, setting up AWS architecture with Python lambda functions and writing a test spec in Cucumber Java.

I've noticed some companies seem to want their devops guys to be senior level, though, so it could do some good to get that time in, but trying for jobs you actually want would be good too :)

Good luck!


My strategy for dealing with interview pressure was always to blab on and on about anything I did know so there was less time about things I didn't. Literally this was basically my whole strategy.

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