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Discussion on: How To Boost Your Productivity & Get Sh*t Done

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mmeyers00 • Edited

If you're able to work with 120 browser tabs and a zillion folders on your desktop, all the power to you! But I personally like to have only the task-relevant information available.

I think the same way. Sometimes my co-workers look at me weird when they see I only have 4 tabs open in my browser and they literally have 40 tabs opened from last week!!! Not only will this hamper my productivity in terms of mentally, it will also slow down my computer 🤔

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Tyler V. (he/him)

I shut down my computer every night (work and personal) and there's no better feeling than starting fresh each day.

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Antonin Januska

I used to hate when I accidentally did that but these days, I enjoy it. I'm ok with the extra overhead of having to open all the apps, spin up docker, and whatever else. :)

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Yes!! This is something I recently started to do at work. I used to just let my computer sleep when I leave work and come back in the morning and resume (Weekends I would let it hibernate). It would usually be fine that is until a few days later the computer gets slow presumably because of memory build up. Even if it happens once or twice in the week it would kill productivity - my computer should NEVER be slow! So I decided "what the heck, I'll just create a scheduled task to restart my computer every morning BEFORE I come to work" (sorry folks I'm on Windows and using Vagrant Linux - and Docker if necessary, for development) and it's worked wonders!!!

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Utkarsh Talwar

...40? HOW? I start feeling stressed after 10! 😰