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Discussion on: Rust, inspire me please!

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First of all, hi!

Rust is indeed a good learning material. Trying to understand how and why things are done inside Rust is a mind blowing.
That said, as many already mention, Rust is hard. It is safe but it comes at a cost. And writting stuff in Rust will not make it faster for sure. However, it should make it more safe. You should check out this talk wich explain it better than me.
Also, as a student in video games, I think Rust got potential in it but not "industrially" ready. Again, it's a good place to learn.
Also, I don't see a need to mix node and rust in a "single unit". But I do not know your case.
So, welcome to Rust, land of joy and learning, frustration and exhaustion.

PS: The community is amazing, if you have any problem/difficulty/question, go ask them.