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Discussion on: I.T. Certifications

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mnivoliez • Edited on

It strongly depends of you location in the world. For exemple, in France, companies tends to love certificates and will prefer someone with one than someone really good at what he is doing. That aside, I strongly think that the game changer is the network. The more your network is of quality the more you get to have great opportunity.
On a personnal level, I think it depends of the certification. For exemple, if you are certified by IBM for their private tech, I should mean something. At least, that you are formed for their tech. For MVC? I do not see the need.

To be short:

  • I may avoided "general" certificate. MVC => everybody learn it at one point
  • Certificates for specific tech are worth (e.g. ABAP certificate or IBM Mainframe dev Certificate) because you have no or few way to learn these tech otherwise, and oppportunity follows that tendency.