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Discussion on: Which programming language/environment is more “powerful” than people realize?

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I could have say "Rust" as it is extremely powerful, but it would be obvious (since I am a big fan of it) and I believe alot of people already know it. So I'll got for proper env study and team awareness. Some thinks that PHP is a bad tool (I do), some that it is C# (I do too), and other that it's javascript (I do not). I disagree with that (including with my first reaction to those language). The good tool is the one fitting for the task "in the best capacity and will of the team" you are working with. For example, lets say that you wanna write a server application and your team knows JS. The best tool will be JS. On the other side, to do an app to do machine learning, JS would not necessarily be my first choice.
Same with C#, I dislike it (for numerous reason) but my team wanted to use unity. And it worked. So the debate are some tools bad are good are only relevant to the situation I believe. The awareness of context is then the most powerful tool I know.

And I took too long to make my point, sorry.