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Discussion on: 6 Months of Working Remotely Taught Me a Thing or Ten

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Mohammed E. MEZERREG

My first remote job was with a startup where the team members were all over the map. We had lots of difference in our timezone and couldn't communicate unless some of us sacrifice their sleeping time to join a meeting or collaborate on a lunch of a product. It was very nice to work with them but I couldn't keep it for a long time, because of the chaos.
The current company is better in their timezone and management. We have like a range of 6 timezone (like from 1 to 6) and we have our 4 hours intersection where all the team can meet and discuss stuff. It is alright for me to wake up earlier then the rest of my family but it is manageable and perfect for me to say the least.
The problem that you a remote employee can face, is when the company or his client doesn't have an idea or experience with remote working. That would be a problem for both sides and one of them will sacrifice something to keep things going.
But for most cases, if the employee prepare himself to work remotely by reading others experiences and discipline himself to be more comfortable with it. Lots of problems can be avoided.