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Top 7 React-Native Packages To Look Up In 2021

1. react-native-qrcode-scanner

All modern and quality mobile apps prefer the feature of QR code scanning in their mobile apps, you can use this feature in your React-Native easily using this package to add the functionality of scanning QR code.

To Install:

npm i react-native-qrcode-scanner

2. react-native-immediate-phone-call

This package is quite handy if you want to add a feature of initiating an immediate phone call feature without any further steps in your apps.

To Install:

npm i react-native-immediate-phone-call

3. react-native-colour-matrix-image-filters

You do basic image greyscaling using this package in your apps. Each filter supports all the view props and if you need to combine several filters it is more performant than the corresponding stack of filter components.

To install:

npm i react-native-color-matrix-image-filters

4. react-native-customized-image-picker

A pretty good package for adding the picker feature in your apps comes with various other different features like cropping the image while selecting it. Supports camera, video compression & multiple images.

To install:

npm i react-native-customized-image-picker

5. react-native-websocket

A WebSocket API wrapped as a component for React Native, the component simply wraps the native WebSocket API, also if you are using this package in production it is recommended to implement your own exponential backoff.

To install:

npm i react-native-websocket

6. expo-document-picker

Provides access to the system UI for selecting documents from the available provides on the user's device.
To install:

npm i expo-document-pickernpm i expo-document-picker

7. react-native-fingerprint-scanner

Working with cross-platform device comes with many challenges and the right packages can help you a lot, this package can be handy for adding fingerprint feature in you React-Native app and work on both (Android & iOS) pretty well.

To install:

npm i expo-document-picker

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