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Can you recommend interesting software engineering blogs you follow?

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These are my interest:

  • System design
  • Application design/scaling
  • Database design/scaling
  • Software Architecture
  • Data structures and Algorithm
  • Languages like Python, Javascript, PHP, Golang and Rust
  • Cloud computing, DataScience, etc

It can either be written by individuals or companies.
Something a beginner can understand.
Thanks in advance
You can also add podcasts too 🤗

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I would say -

Also, you can check out my profile on dev too, as I write about algorithms, data structures, system design, and CPP.

My recent article is about how to design highly scalable URL shortening services like tiny URLs.
you can read it here...


Here are the blogs I follow. My focus is JavaScript and web but you'll find some of your topics in there too.


Very nice, I have been following CSS-tricks and Smashing magazine, will add the last one to my list


Not in your interrest list, but this blog about implementing a programming language is a very valuable ressource.

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