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If ur really that lazy u should just install oh-my-zsh. It does all the cool stuff out of thr box, plugins r auto updated and u can even sync ur zshrc.
Its has autocomplete for everything, is case insensitive etc. Give it a try!

I was like u for way to longtime until a colleague showed my omz😊


I am just so reluctant to learn a whole new thing. I'm busy learning other things and there are only so many things I can focus on! But zsh is definitely on my list of things to check some point.


There‘s really nothing much to learn, oh my zsh does all for u!
It configures zsh to a point where u might only want to join the theme and nothing else


Here for your spare time :)

Jorge use ZSH with Oh My Zsh

I know you probably don't need the setup parts... but a quick parse through the first one and some looks in the second and you'll be off to the races

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