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I am going to cheat, I have 2.

1) My Pop heads! They are characters I have enjoyed in movies and I can't help but smile when I see them πŸ€—

2) An empty Educated Guess bottle of wine that has a fake sunflower in it. I love that the flower gives my desk a little girly touch and the wine bottle is cool and nerdy.


Definitely the tech deck that my coworker gave me πŸ˜„


Toothless! I've got the same one on my entertainment center. I've got a black cat that looks (and sometimes acts) like Toothless.


Im fond of my little bench-pressing robot guy


Why would a robot need to bench press? We’ll never know.


Thats unique! Where did you find that?!


There are a few stands around New York City that sell these kinds of sculptures. You see them at holiday markets etc.


My "Chinese money plant" which is a seedling of one I got some years ago from a good friend. It outgrew its mother by factor two. Also currently trying to make 4 new ones out of it.


All my attempts to grow a "pass it on" plant in the office failed badly. My plant was knocked over so many times that it was impossible to resurrect it :((


Someone has a green thumb πŸ˜‰Also, love the Tardis!


Surfing Barack Obama bobblehead, GEICO caveman bobblehead

The Obama bobblehead I got in Hawaii on my honeymoon. The GEICO bobblehead I got from my first professional job as a developer.

I also have photos of my family on my desk. The rest is clutter. πŸ˜…


Solid! Also, I spy a Site Reliability Workbook in the background πŸ˜ƒ


Yes! A co-worker recently finished it and brought it to me yesterday. I haven't started going through it yet.


These are my friends who've helped me through many debugging sessions!

my beanie babies


😍I have such a soft spot for stuffed animals!!!


Handmade Matrioshka
This lovely Matrioshka that my mum knitted for me has come along with me in all my works since I almost started working with 21 years at a Bank Call Center.
10 years have past. In the meantime I reached a COO job position at a Real Estate company and later, CMO.
And I am saying all this, because I have decided to give everything up to restart my career as a Front-End Developer. So, these hard work studying days, this Matrioshka is beside me at my home's desk. But it will also hopefully be beside me in next work desk as a Developer :D.


That is such an awesome story! Thanks for sharing and way to go switching careers, that took guts!


I have this Lego telephone on my desk that I got from Twilio and is in red, which is our colour, and that I just think is a reminder of the work we do everyday in connecting people.

Also, I have this illustration that was drawn for me as one of the organisers of RubyConf Australia 2019 that I just love. It's a lovely representation of the community and also it's a train full of wombats and I love it.


I've got a little collection of things. Bobbleheads I've gotten from baseball games, two signed baseballs from my favorite players. Can't go wrong with a Fox Mulder pop head and billy the blue ranger! And finally a replica of the clock in Grand Central I got when I went to NYC for my birthday!

Desk stuff


Love this thread ❀️

My absolute favourite accessory is my calendar. I got it at my first dev job in 2007 and I still have it with me. I start my every work day by flipping over a cube.

desk with accessories


A slinky and squishy potato cat--I fidget.

Country Bears Jamboree mug full of dark roast coffee.

And since I have no office door, a double-sided picture frame (that sits at the back of my desk) to tell coworkers when I'm "around somewhere" or "not here".

desk accessories


That picture frame is genius!!!! I love that idea!


LOVE it!!! I never even thought of a keyboard, but some people have them so tricked out that many definitely count as accessories!


I don't really have much room on the desk for stuff, but I do have a window sill. Does that count? Favorite are the plants (had these since Christmas YAY!) and the software defined radio helps me keep my sanity.
My Window


I'm always game for Christmas decorations!!! 😍🌲


I mean..a red Swingline is a classic, right?

And my Smart Mass Thinking putty from Thinkgeek.

red Swingline


Here's a picture I took of my only desk accessory.


I have a squad of Pops, along with a weird story about them...
Photo of a bookshelf with three books, a planner, a drawing, a candle, a mirror, a rubber duck, and three Funko pops: Bob Ross, Grunt from Mass Effect, and Mister Rogers

I used to have four Funkos: in addition to Bob Ross, Mister Rogers, and Grunt from Mass Effect, I also had a Groot as seen in this old photo of my setup. A few months ago, Groot fell off the shelf, and I haven't been able to find him anywhere since. He's not behind anything on the shelf, not behind anything on my desk, not behind the desk itself. He's totally disappeared. I think the ghost took him.


Dual vertical monitor mount holding 22" pair beside my 27" is a good start. The Rosewill mechanical keyboard is another nice addition, but most recently my fountain pens have been getting the most love. Bullet journal is pretty helpful as well.


This power adapter just sort of ended up on my desk one day. I didn't think much of it at the time but now I have found myself using it every day I am at work! I charge my bluetooth headphones and phone with it and occasionally use the AC power outlets.


I use the "rubber duck debuggin" method with Peter Griffin here, and I have a small rock garden in a small, glass tupperware...and obv my slapped out coffee mug.


I had a little pinboard with some favorite stickers, a speaker badge from RubyConf, and a chocolate wrapper that said "Things have to fall apart for them to fall together" (I'd unwrapped it on the day of an outage, so it felt apt).
Picture of desk


A small USB fan - helps keep me cool while programming. Good source of comfort haha. 🀣


I have one of those as well!!! A coworker gave it to me and its heaven in the summer after a hot walk to work.


Such a good reminder of what really matters, especially on those days when you get lost in the weeds.


This is a morale booster for me and anyone that sits in the vicinity.

Easy Button


A black rubber duck from Blackduck security. 1 I rubber duck a lot as a infra person. 2 Blackduck security are a pretty nice group of people.


Cute little Sai lowers his fan to the offending line of code!



My Houston Rockets (James Harden && Chris Paul) Funko Pops. Go Rockets! H-Town baby!

James Harden & Chris Paul Funko Pops


I love seeing everyone's different Funko Pops! 😍

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