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Golang Echo

This is my self documentation from original docs here.

Echo claims these points:

High performance, extensible, minimalist Go web framework
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which the biggest point is minimalist. That's why I started to writing here to talk about Echo.

Another strong points of Echo:

  1. Optimized Route
    Highly optimized HTTP router with zero dynamic memory allocation which smartly prioritizes routes.

  2. Scalable
    Build robust and scalable RESTful API, easily organized into groups.

  3. Automatic TLS
    Automatically install TLS certificates from Let's Encrypt.

  4. HTTP/2
    HTTP/2 support improves speed and provides better user experience.

  5. Middleware
    Many built-in middleware to use, or define your own. Middleware can be set at root, group or route level.

  6. Data Binding
    Data binding for HTTP request payload, including JSON, XML or form-data.

  7. Data Rendering
    API to send variety of HTTP response, including JSON, XML, HTML, File, Attachment, Inline, Stream or Blob.

  8. Templates
    Template rendering using any template engine.

  9. Extensible
    Customized central HTTP error handling. Easily extendable API.

Next post will write about Getting Started

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