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This is interesting, if a little bit of a grey area as far as ethics goes.

To be honest, I'd never heard of Hey before reading this post, and looking at their web page I'm not sure what the rush is for. They're creating artificial scarcity to make themselves look more desirable than they are, presumably because there are already a lot of email providers out there that do the same thing.

I'm not a fan of Basecamp, so that's not a selling point for me either.

Can you tell me what it is that you originally found interesting about it, and whether it's lived up to those expectations?


Hey Ben, I appreciate your reply. I honestly didn't know about Basecamp until about a month ago so I don't have a stance about them yet.

In terms of ethics, I'm no professional so take this with a grain of salt, but I did share my blog post with Jason Fried (the CEO) and he did seem to like it and approve by saying "that's amazing!". However, that might mean nothing when it comes to ethics, you can be the judge :)

With regards to the Hey itself, I'm really enjoying it. There are so many features on their website that highlight how it differs from regular email, but the selling points for me were 1) The screener: I can pick who gets to send me an email (bye bye spam), 2) Contact profiles: I can see all conversations, attachments and everything related to that contact and 3) Renaming and merging emails into one thread. Obviously to many people these might seem mediocre and not mean much, but as someone who uses their email as a form of communication regularly, I definitely appreciate and welcome this change. Hope these answer your questions :)

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