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I use a cheap Tecknet keyboard (I think it's an earlier version of this one: amazon.co.uk/TeckNet-Mechanical-Ke...)
I got given it by someone who didn't like the clackiness of the blue-switch keys.


  • very solid-feeling
  • comfortable keypresses
  • good quality, long, braided cable


  • a little too clacky, yes
  • cable isn't removable
  • RGB that's in a fixed rainbow. People like it when they see my desk on zoom calls, but I really would prefer a simple pale backlight across all keys, and this isn't configurable apart from to make it flash like an 80s disco.

I'd like to upgrade to something with reds or browns that's missing the arrow-key section and has better lighting. I want lights like I see on my Macbook keyboard really.

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