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ls does colours already (though not icons) so you don't need a replacement command for that :)

I'm not sure why artii even exists. It seems to be an exact clone of figlet - is it just for the sake of making everything into a Ruby gem, like the deluge of packages we had a couple of years ago when people discovered they could get Internet Points for rewriting everything as a node package?

Something I learnt recently is that you can make your life amazing (or perhaps "hell") with bash | lolcat. I'm sorry.


ls -G is normally my bash alias for ls to enable colored output. It is a lot faster than the colorls gem, and so I normally stick to that. But colorls is fun to try if you like icons, and might be more practical if it was ported to Go or Rust.

With regards to figlet - that is more performant than artii and has a wide range of options and fonts, so agree with you on that point.

I did not know you could just set all output from a bash session with bash | lolcat. Just tried it with Zsh...

zsh | lolcat


It doesn't work with everything, but it's a good way to get people to stop and look at your monitor :_)

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