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My last job had a thing they called "top banana" where you could nominate anyone you liked for doing something cool that fit in with the company values somehow. At the end of every month, all the nominees got a selection of confectionary (usually themed to the time of year) and the winner got some cash. The overall most-nominated person at the end of the year got their choice of £500 or a week of paid leave. That was pretty neat.

The place I am at the moment has (or had, I don't know if it's still a thing) a tradition at the summer and winter parties of having cards you could anonymously write to anyone else saying something you appreciated about them. Then at the meal, which would have planned seating, everyone would have their cards waiting for them. That was also kind of nice - I thought it sounded twee at first but it was actually ok.

We generally have a meal out somewhere for the team after a project is complete or something is launched.

One of my project managers gave me some stickers recently, too.


I love the idea of the cards waiting for you at the summer/winter party, that sounds like such a personal way to recognise your teammates.

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