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Hmm, in "storage" probably a half-dozen laptops, a couple of Pis and a couple each of old phones and tablets.

In the process of becoming some kind of project piece, one micro-format desktop.

In use, a desktop and a laptop.

The desktop's mostly for Games and Plex (It runs Windows) but I do use it for development occasionally, through WSL and a browser. The terminal is still awful, though we've all seen that new hip and trendy party-like-it's-1999 trailer video for Microsoft's new terminal, right? It's got to be better. Might use the desktop a little more then.

The laptop for everything. It's a Vaio that's about 8 years old (maybe?) 2nd gen i3 CPU with an aftermarket SSD and an upgrade to 6GB RAM. Runs Arch with i3wm. Outperforms my work (2015) Macbook Pro when using docker containers. When not using docker, it does everything I want, because what I want is generally Vim and a browser. Takes a lot of abuse, and the keyboard is often used as a recharging point for my cats. Needs a new battery soon.

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