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Discussion on: Au Revoir, Gentoo - Sell Me A New Linux Distro

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Ben Sinclair

Arch-diehards - why shouldn't I just use Manjaro and instead keep it strictly Arch?

Manjaro includes a lot of junk apps you won't use out the box, including things like menu items for Microsoft products and associations with .doc files, etc.

It doesn't offer anything I can think of over Arch except a GUI installer, and installing Arch takes ten minutes if you follow the steps on the website, which is possibly even faster than the GUI method.

It's more like, "why shouldn't you use Arch?"

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Ben Lovy Author

Good points, all - true enough re: install time. Doesn't Manjaro keep its own package sets on top of the base Arch stuff?

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Charles Banas

It has a few packages written by someone who clearly has no clue what he's doing, but no, all it does is hold packages back a week, and occasionally backports security patches and doesn't publish the PKGBUILDs for them.

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something you have to consider is that if you come from a GEntoo install, Arch would be even easier given that most of your config would be just copy files from your existing Gentoo /etc; when I moved from Void - Arch - Gentoo, the whole install where mostly just copy/paste. So maybe in your case Arch maybe is actually faster to install than Manjaro.