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re: VSCode with VIM bindings is hard to beat. I keep forgetting they have this. One day my deep suspicions of Microsoft will wane enough to use it. ...

I use it like that. In fact, and I know this is getting 180-degrees from the point of the post, but I have this in my config:

nnoremap <leader>vs :silent exec "!open vscodium://file/" . expand("%:p") . ":" . line(".") . ":" . col(".")<cr>:redraw!<cr>

If I'm using Vim and want to switch to VSCode (I use VSCodium here) then I hit up the mapping and boom, there it goes. This is most useful when I want to use the debugger, which is sometimes easier in VSCode than it is in Vdebug.

I use VSCodium

I would expect nothing less of such a gentleman and a scholar.

Oh my gosh, how did I not know about VSCodium. Thanks and that vim key remap is glorious!

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