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Discussion on: Homographs, Attack!

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edA‑qa mort‑ora‑y

When punycode first came out Firefox would only display the unicode version on a whitelisted set of TLDs. The rule, if I recall, was that a registrar must have published a policy on how they avoid the registration of homographs. This meant, for example, that .de would be okay since the registrar policy was limited script, but .com would always show punycode since it was a free-for-all.

I kind of think this is registrar problem. The registration of homographs on common script characters should just be rejected.

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Logan McDonald Author

Great proposal! I think, based on my reading of ICANN's meeting minutes and IDN RFCs, that as an international organization they are worried limiting some scripts that support non-ASCII languages would be an overreach in favor of English speakers and Latin. They are taking time to make sure that whatever decision they make doesn't over-exclude non-latin-language speakers. (And in the meantime hoping the Browsers just do this for them 😉.) Turns out internet governance is just as slow-paced as any other kind of governance.