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I got a star once. It wasn't much. Just a small marking on a planning board. It was erased in due time, but made me happy while it was there.

On a more serious note, if I'm doing well in a job I request more money. I don't want to seem shallow, or greedy, as I do enjoy my work. All that other stuff is nice, the meals, cards, well wishes, and should be handed out commonly. However, if I'm really doing a good job, then I'd like a proper reward.


Good call. That leads into another good #discuss question... how to negotiate that.


We got celebration meals and an annual award for those who put extra effort in their jobs, but what I really like is that, each semester, we have a feedback from the team leader and, if you are doing really well, you get a raise or a promotion without asking


That's a good way to deliver feedback and take the awkwardness over negotiating a pay rise.

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