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How to rapidly update your React Native android project using Code Push without app store upload

These days React Native has become so popular among developers. React Native lets us to develop mobile applications that technically are able to run on Android and IOS platforms.

When you built your app and everything is ready for publishing it,
you have to submit your app in the app store and wait until they review and publish it for you. There are some cases that you need immediately update your app. For example, there is a critical bug in your release version.

In this case, you should build another version and submit it and wait for the review process. Plus, most users do not update their applications immediately. So these users will face errors and unluckily some of them will write bad reviews for your application.

Fortunately, Code Push library has solved this problem for our react native developers. While your application support code push, there is a way to update your app without sending any file to the app store and even your users don't need to update your application.

All the instructions for implementing Code Push library into your project have been described in my youtube channel.

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