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Yep, the first time was right before I got into software development. I had been working at Enterprise Rent-A-Car and just couldn't take it anymore. The worst part was I spent all that time developing skills (sales & customer service) that I did not feel were a good fit for me. This was still the height of the recession so there were few jobs for people with soft skills, no less soft skills that I didn't want to cultivate as a long-term career. Looking backward I find that I use those skills every day as a developer. I look back on it as the best, worst experience of my life.

I have done this a few times since becoming a developer but because I had a hard skill in a field that I enjoyed overall it would never be as scary as that first time. Taking that leap all those years ago stripped the fear out of it each subsequent time. I also found that the discomfort of imposter syndrome as a developer is nothing compared to trying to sell someone rental car insurance 30 times a day (or collecting their $1000 deductible after returning the car with damage).

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