Is using localStorage for a guest shopping cart a bad idea?

Mike Rispoli on March 18, 2019

I've found myself building some custom, basic e-commerce sites these days in Rails. I have a few options when it comes to building out a basic gues... [Read Full]
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I'd consider doing the same, worst case scenario the user opens the browser development tools, deletes the local storage and well... they have to re-do the cart :)

As long as you don't store sensitive data you're fine.

I'd consider using localForage that transparently abstracts on top of IndexedDB and uses localStorage as a fallback.


Ah this is an interesting. I was actually considering using Vue in a scaled down approach just for the cart and binding local storage to a global store to handle addition and removal from different components. It’s a very simple site rails site otherwist, so I wanted to take as light handed an approach as possible. I’ll be taking a look at localForage which might work out better.


You can do the same, localForage is just a wrapper on top of the variouses client storage options. Check if it's not too big for your app and if it fits your requirements, otherwise toss it :D


For storing Cart items, this is perfect use case for local storage in my opinion.

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