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This is a great post, cheers! I agree with you particularly as the company I currently work at do not follow many of these and that tends to provide me with a lot of frustration. Slowly but surely, since I'm a new developer, I'm introducing these kinds of things and ensuring to confirm them with other devs to facilitate some kind of standard. There's definitely improvement so far in efficient and effective teamwork, and code readability and reusability.

I am, however, guilty of not following at lot of these when pressures like budget, time-constraints, and "it just has to work!" get in the way so it's good to be reminded to try and pick these up as habits to make them the first thing I do.

Looking forward to Part 2. Thanks again!


Thanks Kieran! That's totally understandable, it's hard to strictly follow these rules. That's why I believe we should do it until they become habits, then it will be hard to break them ;)

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