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re: I disagree that it's "not a case of semantics". As a philosopher will tell you, you need to define your terms and scope before you start, otherwise...

I tend to agree here. Some of this is different perspectives, the problems I face day to day to day and try to solve is different from yours. The other part is that we all make assumptions what common terms mean, that is why defining terms so we all are coming from the same point is important.


I think we are all guilty of this.

My blog posts are aimed at small business programmers working alone or with maybe three devs tops. So when I write about documenting your processes and making your passwords available to your boss in the event of your sudden death, what's acceptable in my context is completely different (and possibly dangerous) if you worked at Google or Adobe or something. Yet, I didn't clearly state that assumption in the post. I assume my readers will figure it out from everything else on my blog and my bio but it's certainly not guaranteed.

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