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Truly Understanding React (TUR) - Ep3

Truly Understanding React, mr paul ishaili
So for days now, I have been doing some indepth research to Truly Understanding React, then I stalked with this, which brings us to our next topic on this series,

"Why was React Created?

Firstly, in programming to being a professional, understanding why really matters; it makes you see the bigger picture and give room for your own creativity on individual tasks to accomplish the bigger picture, without being tied to 😊 rules without understanding.

Although, Separating the UI from the business logic is nothing unique to React, however, that is the core goal of React.

React was developed for developers to be able to achieve Separation of Concerns (SoC) in development which helps to reduce coupling - the degree to which each program module relies on each of the other modules, and increase cohesion - the degree to which elemets of a module belong to each other, in a web development project.

Separation of concerns (SoC) is a design principle for separating a computer program into distinct sections, such that each section addresses a separate concern. __Wikipedia

After really understanding this, along with listening to the React Conference by Pete Hunt (link to the JSConf in the description), it occurred to me why:

React is not a Javascript framework; it is a library that you can use to do a whole lot more. the implementation of the JSX (JavaScript Extensible Markup Language, not JavaScript Syntax Extension),

which we will be looking into in the next episode says it all.

Before closing in this episode, we need to understand these few things:

  1. React is a declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces.

  2. Understanding React requires you that you are in the adult pahses of learning and understanding JavaScript.

  3. See React Library as a collection of existing JavaScript features in thier collectible and organized manners.

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