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Discussion on: How do you bookmark and take notes?

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Ryan Collins

Notes are in a Git repo. My Journal is a file in the repo, with the current year as the name ( Every night at midnight a job runs to append the current date to the journal.

Entries to the journal include things that are happening and things I want to remember.

I’m currently working on a Telegram Bot that lets me add items to the Journal, tasks to my to do list (todo.taskpaper) and quotes to my quotes file (

For bookmarks I use a private Telegram group called Bookmarks along with Shaarli.

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Aahnik Daw Author • Edited

@mrrcollins what library are you using to build the telegram bot ?

please also check my telegram bots:

GitHub logo aahnik / tgcf

A simple script to forward all the messages of one chat (private/group/channel) to another. Made using Telethon. Can be used to back up the contents of a chat to another place.

GitHub logo aahnik / telewater

A telegram bot that applies watermark on images, gifs, and videos.

GitHub logo aahnik / webhook-aiogram-heroku

A sample telegram bot made with aiogram, that fetches updates using the web-hook connection. Can be easily deployed to Heroku.

GitHub logo aahnik / run-py-bot

A telegram bot that runs python code. Evaluate pythonic expressions on the go, right from your chat. Find on telegram @runPython_bot

GitHub logo aahnik / howdoi-telegram

Are you a hack programmer? Do you find yourself constantly Googling for how to do basic programming tasks? Get instant coding answers from Stack Overflow in your Telegram chat. Save time and have fun.

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Ryan Collins

I'm going to check out your bots!

For mine, I'm using python-telegram-bot. I'm not much of a Python programmer, but I was able to hack something together for my bot.