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Offlex - Video Streaming Platform (Day 1/3)

series: ["Offlex - Video Streaming Platform"]

Project Description

The idea of the project is to build a video streaming platform, somewhat like youtube, netflix and twitch.

I am just starting the project today May 10th, so I'm running short on time and will try to keep the posts short to properly work on the project.


  1. Homepage

  2. Video

  3. Live Video
    Live Video

Planned Features

  • [ ] Login with Email
  • [ ] Social Login
  • [ ] Publish Video
    • [ ] Compress video for different resolutions
  • [ ] Following Users
  • [ ] Liking Videos
  • [ ] Live Video
  • [ ] Comments
  • [ ] Starring / Adding to Favorites
  • [ ] Sharing

Project Structure

The project will consist of a React App and a Node.js Backend making use of AppWrite

Top comments (3)

georgeisiguzo profile image

Cool project bro!

Loved the Wireframes. What did you use to sketch it?

msanchezdev profile image
Manuel Sanchez It's free (mostly, unless you see the need).

georgeisiguzo profile image

Thank you 👍