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Discussion on: What's the big deal with privacy?

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Enrique Jose Padilla Author

Do you mean discrimination?

I'm not sure why would someone be disallowed boarding unless the algorithm puts this person as a harm to others. In which case hopefully its used to get them help.

If the government is doing this and then prohibiting tax payed services then I would expect it to be open sourced.

That being said i love your comment and is giving me a lot of food for thought.

But what about algorithms that can decide who deserves scholarships, federal wage, government help, etc. I would argue i would want it to be open sourced, but honestly this level of transparency can make the government make so much better decisions.

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Ben Sinclair

We don't share a government, and you don't share a government with your great-grandchildren. A mass of data which could be used for something horrific almost certainly will be, given time and space to move.

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Donald Merand

Your level of trust is refreshing! I do not share it - not because I don't believe in the inherent goodness of people (I do!), but because I think that given access to great power, it's far too easy to wield it dangerously. Ultimately, giving away reams of data is giving power to those who own it.

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Andrew Lucker

Your GitHub profile is giving a 404. Did you remove it or did you get banned?

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Enrique Jose Padilla Author • Edited

Oh no banning on my end. I changed my username from mtbsickrider to enriquejosepadilla (thought it was time to grow up sadly :( )

That being said i thought github would do the redirect.