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Callbacks in JavaScript

Hello, سلام, नमस्ते 👋

We are back again with another essential, crucial and easy to understand topic of JavaScript, that is Callbacks with some examples.

What actually is a Callback?

A function is a block of code, that performs a certain task when called. For example

// function
function welcome(name) {
     console.log('Hi ' + name)

// Output: Hi Mursal
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In the above given example, a value is passed as an argument to the welcome() function. You can also pass a function as an argument to a function. This function that is passed as an argument inside of another function, is called a callback function. For example

// function
function welcome(name, callback) {
     console.log('Hi ' + name)

// callback function
function initCallback() {
     console.log('I am a callback Function')

// passing function as an argument
welcome('Mursal', initCallback)
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Why use them?

One of the biggest benefit of using Callbacks is you can wait for result of the previous function and then execute another function. For example

// It will show delay in execution
function welcome() {
     console.log('Welcome to Dev')

function welcomePerson(name) {
     console.log('Welcome ' + name)

// calling the function
setTimeOut(welcome, 2000) //setTimeOut is used to so that the function is delayed
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In the above given example

  • welcome() function is called 2000ms(2s) later
  • During the wait, welcomePerson('Mursal') is executed
  • Welcome Mursal is printed before Welcome to Dev

Delayed GIF

The correct time to use Callbacks

The callback function is helpful when you have to wait for a result that takes time. For example, the data coming from a server since it takes time for data to move.

Go ahead. Try callbacks in your everyday code and share your feedback here.

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The article is very awesome

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Behroz Kamal Khan

Great tutorial discuss about its framework in the upcoming articles